The Sassy Moose Inn Bed, Breakfast, Petit Spa, and Boutique Light Years from the Rat Race of Civilization

A hearty breakfast is served hot at 8 AM, 7 days a week, all year long.

  • Eggs (various casseroles)
  • Hash Browns
  • Bacon or Ham or Sausage
  • Bread, Toast, Muffins, Butter
  • Choice of Jams
  • Choice of Cereals and/or Granola
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Choice of Yogurts
  • Orange Juice
  • Water (clean, pure, private well)
  • Coffee, Choice of Teas
  • Milk, Regular and Non-fat

Eggs So Sassy


Check out our signature dish, "Eggs So Sassy"!

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We have our own private well with pure, sweet water!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time is breakfast?
A. Served hot at 8:00 AM

Q. Do you have a vegetarian menu?
A. We cook and serve meat, but also serve grains and fruits.

Q. Can we use the kitchen?
A. You may use a portion of the refrigerator- first come first serve. We offer full use of the kitchen facilities with the Rent-The-Inn program.

Breakfast view

Breakfast window during Summer
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